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Data strategy and consultation to maximise the value of your BI journey

Are you always getting asked the same questions from your stakeholders? We have the insight and experience to help you get your BI journey off to the right start, so you can answer them. We begin every new project with a workshop to understand your business model, as well as any special challenges and opportunities, and to learn how value is defined and generated by your operations. Our work is based on a value chain model of your main and support functions. Our joint insight determines where your journey towards BI value creation should start. Our focus will be on ensuring data quality, effective decision making and data management processes, while linking strategy to your daily work through key performance indicators and monitoring. Our consultants, who have extensive experience from different functions and industries, will guide you through the entire journey.

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We start with an Information Assessment Workshop

In an Information Assessment Workshop, or feasibility study, we will review the processes in your organisation that are related to data collection, validation and distribution. Do different departments have different versions of figures and KPIs? Do you put a lot of time and manual effort into gathering data? Is the distribution of information insufficient or information security inadequate? We’ll produce a summary of the workshop with suggestions on how your information management can be improved.

We can help you with:

  • Predictive analytic model design
  • Industry specific KPI definitions
  • Programme and project management

Ready to move to the next level?

Once your BI solution is launched, we will work with you to continually optimise it to ensure it is serving your users and business effectively. We will give your people the access and training they need, and we’ll continue to ask questions to help you get the most from your solution. Are your users getting the correct answers? Is data being fed correctly into the system? Are the applications loading as they should?

Once your people are confident, you may feel it’s time to get more out of your solution, so we’ll help you take the next step. Together, we will go through your current BI platform and your internal processes to see what can be improved to help you achieve your objectives faster.


Value Acceleration Workshop

Data doesn’t stand still, so we’ll make your sure your BI solution doesn’t either! In a Value Acceleration Workshop we focus on one or more of your business areas and analyse them from a system, data, processes and employee perspective. This helps us to identify challenges and understand how you can continue your BI journey towards even better decision making processes. We’ll summarise the workshop with suggestions on how to proceed and what to prioritise.

Let us help you get your BI journey off to the right start

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