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Infrastructure and Cloud Services

To transform your use of data, you must have the right infrastructure in place. In today’s world, this means far more than servers and software. There is now the cloud, smart devices, and the Internet of Things to consider. Fortunately, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure you deploy your data and BI solution securely and seamlessly.

Moving your data from your source systems to a data warehouse or data lake and into a business intelligence solution requires safe and secure infrastructure. Our data experts can advise you on the data infrastructure that is right for your business, ensuring it gives you the storage you need and enables your BI solution to provide the right level of insights. We’ll also ensure you have appropriate data governance procedures in place and help to reduce costs along the way.


Step by Step to Qlik Cloud

Qlik Cloud is where Qlik is investing for the future. If your business isn’t quite ready to fully adopt Qlik in the cloud, we have a hybrid solution – the Climber Cloud, known as MQS (Managed Qlik Services).
Rather than immediately focus everything on Qlik Cloud, we can help you get there at your own pace. This means you can move elements of your Qlik environment when the time is right for your business.

Why use Climber Cloud?

  • Development space – You can use Climber Cloud as your main backend where all your development takes place.
  • Seamless user experience – As you transition to Qlik Cloud we can pull down data, process it, and post it to Qlik Cloud while presenting the same seamless experience to users.
  • Move at your own pace – Eventually, as your share in Qlik Cloud grows, your share in Climber Cloud will reduce.


Our Expert Services team provide a seamless cloud service. We take care of the hosting and set-up, manage your integrations, and continually support and monitor your BI environment.
How we can help:

  • Cloud hosting – We can host your BI environment in the Climber Cloud, an IT environment optimised for Qlik that is run by our certified Qlik Experts. You get a scalable solution with dedicated hardware to optimise capacity and performance.
  • Qlik set-up – We install, upgrade, monitor, and configure your Qlik environment, ensuring it has the latest functionality to make everything work flawlessly in the Climber Cloud. We also set up security rules for users, data, and applications.
  • System integrations – We’ll help to maximise the performance and user experience of your integrations between environments by optimising your VPN, SSO, firewall, and network for your entire BI environment.
  • Support services – We provide continuous monitoring and support with one single point of contact for everything that concerns your data and BI estate.

Our hardware is designed for you, we’ll build a unique environment based on your needs. We optimise according to data sources, systems and location of your users.


Peace of mind for your BI environment

With our Managed Qlik Services you can trust to take care of your hardware, operating systems, security, data sources and reloads for Qlik. You’ll have a dedicated contact who will ensure everything is optimised and working as it should. If any questions arise, you’ll know immediately who to contact. And you can be up and running in just a couple of days!



Sometimes a data and BI environment can begin to slow down or crash. To fix the issue quickly, we can run a health check to review your environment, paying special attention to performance and security. Together with your IT department, we will assess the physical and virtual configurations, operating systems, and BI environment to identify issues and recommend solutions. Then it’s up to you whether your IT department take it from there or we continue to support you until the issue is fixed.

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