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Enterprise Business Intelligence using Qlik and Microsoft

There’s more to your BI tool than just a visual engine. See how Climber BI’s experts can help with the architecture implementations, making use of the Azure Stack and Qlik Sense or Power BI.

Enterprise BI Architecture

Climber BI Power BI

Data sources

Whether your data is stored in Qlik (qvd), Azure, AWS, or on-premises, other apps within the Power Platform, or even in cloud social media, at Climber we can consume this data and bring it into your BI solution to deliver insights.

Data storage

You can use either Qlik qvd’s or, enterprise data warehousing solutions such as Snowflake and, Azure Synapse to perform analytics on large data. Synapse supports massive parallel processing (MPP) which makes it suitable for high-performance analytics. You might also think of this as Azure’s Data Lake, Azure’s Data Factory, or any other solution like this. In essence, this is where your data – from whatever source it may have come from – lives.


Depending upon your data source, you may wish to use a staging area as part of your ELT process such as Blob Storage.


Whether you chose to use Qlik, SQL Analysis Services (for multidimensional solutions), or Azure Analysis Services (for tabular modelling), you can use your data that’s stored and managed properly, to create a semantic data model.


Whether you use Qlik, Power BI, or Astrato; visualise your data to deliver business insights to your users.



Climber BI’s experts can help you with the architecture implementations, making use of the Azure Stack with Qlik Sense or Power BI. Get in touch to see how we can help you!

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