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Build your data estate at the click of a button with TimeXtender the drag-and-drop solution!

TimeXtender is a low-code solution that empowers you to implement a modern data estate ten times faster. By using its simple drag-and-drop user interface you can easily ingest and prepare your data for analysis in BI solutions such as Qlik and Microsoft PowerBI.  

Importantly, TimeXtender saves you time and money. The underlying code is generated automatically, which reduces build costs by 70% and frees up your data teams from repetitive tasks.

As a TimeXtender partner, we can bring these benefits to you!

How TimeXtender works

Simply use the drag-and-drop user interface to quickly integrate your siloed data into a data lake, model your data warehouse, and define data marts to use within your BI tools, such as Qlik Sense or Microsoft PowerBI. There’s no need to manually write, review, and debug SQL code because TimeXtender automatically generates T-SQL code for you.

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Benefits to you

TimeXtender seamlessly overlays your data infrastructure, connects to over 250 data sources, and provides all the data preparation capabilities you need in a single, unified solution.

  • Business leaders can quickly access reliable data, with 70% lower build costs and 80% lower maintenance costs.
  • Data teams are freed from managing repetitive tasks and have more time to focus on adding strategic value.
  • BI and analytics users get a code-free experience for creating their own data products.

If you’re new to TimeXtender, start your Free Trial today to automate manual, tedious tasks, build data solutions 10x faster, and free up more of your time for what truly matters. Learn more in depth information on the product sheet.

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Read how we help UCC Coffee to unify their data and reporting

UCC Coffee were first founded in Japan 90 years ago. In Europe, they have five factories that roast, package and deliver coffee to large supermarkets, coffee shops, hotels, restaurants and catering companies. They have a huge amount of valuable data to manage from their production activities, supply chain and customer service.
As the wider UCC Group has grown, much of their data has been stored and managed in different systems. The decision was made to leave these legacy systems behind and ensure a unified approach to data and reporting.

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Free trial, book a demo, or learn more? Talk to us about TimeXtender today!

TimeXtender is independent from data sources, storage services, and visualisation tools, so you have control of your data. As a partner we can get you set up quickly and help you maximise results. Just sign up for your free trial using the form below.

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