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As a data and business intelligence consulting company, we can help you transform the way you use complex data to create more business value. From helping you access data from disparate systems to organising, relating and transforming it into valuable actionable and data driven business insights. With our expert advice and business intelligence tools we can help you to overcome your pain points and transform your data strategy to drive revenue, achieve efficiencies and improve your operations. 

When you’re using multiple on-premise and cloud solutions to manage your operations, your data can quickly get out of control as it spreads across your business. That’s why we’ll begin by understanding where your data lies, your key objectives and the challenges that are preventing you from implementing an effective and comprehensive data strategy.   

Our data and BI consultants, who have extensive experience from different functions and industries, will guide you through the entire journey. We have helped clients to take a data driven approach and gain more insight from their financial, customer, employee, and supply chain data; ultimately  delivering better business outcomes.


Why Climber?

  • We’re both Qlik and Microsoft Data Services and Power Platform experts
  • We have over 100 Data and Business Intelligence developers across five European countries
  • We develop over 500 solutions a year
  • 92% of our clients stay with us long-term
  • We have supported clients in healthcare, retail, pharmaceutical, defence, not-for-profit, financial services, public sector, supply chain, logistics, and more
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Transform your use of data and improve outcomes

To help you discover more from your data, we must firstly discover more about you; the current state of your operations and your future aspirations. Our experienced data analytics and integration advisors will use their industry experience and expertise to challenge your thinking and assumptions, so you can gain actionable insight from your siloed data and unlock greater business value. Then we will advise on the best-in-class solutions that will drive your organisation forward. 

You may need to improve your data governance, data quality, or the way you report on it to your stakeholders. We can help you focus on data transformation and business process automation so you can achieve your objectives and create better outcomes. 

We’ll work in partnership with you, as your trusted insight advisor, to develop solutions that enable you to exploit the full potential of your data.  

We call this; ‘Creating intelligent business.’ 


Everything begins with getting the right data strategy in place, then we can work through your data integration needs – whether a data warehouse or data lake is right for your organisation – and where you are with your cloud strategy. Then we can ensure we provide appropriate BI support to deliver a solution that gives you the right level of data analytics to inform your decisions and improve outcomes. We can also support with user training to improve levels of data literacy across your organisation.


  • Analytics and Data Management best practice guidance
  • Cloud versus on-prem deployment strategy
  • AI, Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics journey
  • Programme and project management
  • Developer and User training

We’ll work in partnership with you to develop solutions that enable you to maximise the full potential of your data.


Data engineering

To use data effectively to drive your operations, you need to be sure you have ‘one version of the truth’. Our experienced Qlik and Microsoft consultants can support you to create a centralised, well governed data repository, such as an automated data warehouse or data lake solution which is underpined by real-time data movement.

We can advise on:

  • Data governance
  • Data stewardship
  • Data quality
  • Real-time data movement
  • Data warehouse or data lake automation

Business intelligence

Effective use of data drives effective decision making, but to make better-informed decisions, your stakeholders must be able to understand what your data is telling them. Our experienced data analytics and insight advisors can help you gain actionable insights from your siloed data through engaging BI dashboards and reports.

We will work closely with your businesses stakeholders to uncover the key metrics that help drive revenue, deliver operational savings and help you gain competitive advantage. Whether you choose to use Qlik, Microsoft or an alternative platform, we will ensure your stakeholders can quickly access the information they need.

Improving your business processes

Automation can transform your business operations and improve customer experience. We can help you explore which business processes can be improved and scope the most appropriate solution. For example, Power Apps or Writeback functionality can help your business users to capture more data effectively.


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