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Your company’s data tells a story, and we will provide you with the tools to explore that story. We make the data meaningful, show the sources and how it is tied to your business. This will create a map that can guide you to improve your operations. This is Business Intelligence. Our Business Intelligence (BI) solutions uncover all the information you need to drive your business forward through fact-based decision making.

The story behind
business intelligence

Business Intelligence, or BI, is about relying on data as a basis for decision making on how to run your business. A classic example from March 1939 is when Transport for London mapped out Londoners’ travel patterns by collecting and manually reviewing 4 million Tube tickets. The findings formed the basis for the design of a new infrastructure.

London March 8, 1939: Sorting of some of the 4 million tickets gathered on the London Underground. It took six months to analyse all the tickets.

Benefit from your data

Four million tickets are a lot, especially when you have to go through them manually. But that’s nothing compared to the vast amount of data an organisation generates today. Did you know that every day, we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data — so much that 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone. Transforming big data into useful information requires business intelligence tools, giving you control of your data flows and using them to your advantage. We build our BI solutions on the Qlik visual analytics platform, which uses an associative architecture to compile data and set it in context with other data to create a real-time picture of your business. The results are verifiable and can be analysed in depth.



The power of visualisation

Business Intelligence tools collect, organise and present data visually, making it possible to navigate through and analyse the data on multiple levels, for example to understand the cause of higher inventory costs, lower sales or to show that marketing actually does generate ROI.

A historic example of what you can achieve with visual data analytics is “Death in the well”. In conjunction with the large cholera outbreak in London in 1854, physician John Snow, later acknowledged as the founder of epidemiology, proved his thesis that the disease was waterborne. He compiled the number of cases in stacks on a map and was able to deduce that the outbreak was linked to a water pump on Broad Street, which had been contaminated by infected sewage.

Doctor John Snow traced the cholera outbreak in London in 1854 to a water pump on Broad Street by using visual data analytics.

The right question generates the right answer

John Snow was able to identify the cholera outbreak by focusing on a single aspect, household water supply, and excluding factors such as weather, overcrowding, profession and symptoms. Similarly, your questions are the starting point when we develop a BI solution. Our development process is based on the DAR concept, combining the monitoring of key performance indicators and detailed analysis. Our smart, customised dashboards visualise key performance indicators, allowing you to monitor real-time business performance. The tools also allow you to take a deep dive into the information behind the key performance indicators to understand what is impacting them. The information can also be compiled in reports and shared internally.

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