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Since our start in 2007, we have supported more than 400 customers in various industries solving their business and data challenges. Over the years, our team of business intelligence consultants have built more than 500 solutions in QlikView, Qlik Sense, and Power BI for various industry sectors. Here you will find a selection of the projects we have worked on, and the business value added. 

A Journey to Qlik Sense in Qlik Cloud

Ontrack is a software company that provide a Works Management Solution for teams who repair and maintain our roads. Initially, they used QlikView to provide daily reports on jobs to their customers. Read how we supported Ontrack to move their analytics and reporting from QlikView to Qlik Sense, utilising the Qlik Cloud platform.

“The reaction of the CEO and management team was startling – they absolutely loved it! We had the dual excitement of saving money on hosting and creating something new in Qlik Cloud.”
Chris Allen, Chief Technology Officer

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Encouraging Action on Climate Change with BI

The Norwegian Refugee Council is an independent humanitarian organisation that provides life-saving assistance to millions of people every year, many of them affected by climate change and the severe weather hazards it causes. Read how we helped NRC to inform their Carbon Reduction Strategy with engaging Power BI dashboards.

“Our work with Climber has helped us to mainstream our carbon reduction discussions and push the conversation forward.”
Lauren Stern, Data Manager

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UCC Coffee was founded in Japan 90 years ago. In Europe, they have five factories that roast, package, and deliver coffee to supermarkets, coffee shops, and hotels. They have a huge amount of valuable data to manage from their production activities, supply chain, and customer service. As the UCC Group has grown, much of their data has been stored and managed in different systems. They decided to leave these legacy systems behind to ensure a unified approach to data and reporting.

“With TimeXtender it is much easier to maintain and make changes than when using integration services.”
Ramon Villanueva, Head of Organisation and Information Systems

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The coronavirus pandemic created financial uncertainty for many people across the UK, with many falling into debt. Debt Free Advice wanted to use the data they had to understand more about changing demographics and how they could support people during this challenging time.

“In the UK, 8.5 million people are in need of debt advice, with a further 10.6 million at risk of needing debt advice.”
Liam Randall, Head of Impact and Strategy

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How we helped a not-for-profit mental health and wellbeing organisation

Our client provides mental health services and wanted to proactively provide their customers with regular updates on their usage. This would help to demonstrate the value of their services and the better health outcomes they contributed to. However, they were struggling to find a solution that would enable them to share dashboards and PDF reports by email, without having to purchase individual customer licenses.

“The Climber team has always been very nice and accommodating. When they say they are going to deliver something they do deliver.”
Digital Project Manager

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Connecting data to transform defence reporting

Catalyze are a management consultancy that helps organisations to make effective decisions to achieve their strategic goals. Their defence client had recognised the power of the raw data they held in their systems and wanted to use it to make more informed and evidence-based decisions. However, the data was sitting in disparate systems which led to siloed reporting and disconnected understanding. Read how Climber BI supported Catalyze to improve reporting for their defence client.

“This was a new way of working for Catalyze but the results have proved themselves. We have done the right thing for the client by ensuring they have the skills they need to keep moving forward with their reporting.”
Claire Spencer, Managing Consultant

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Enabling the retention of vital historical data in Power BI

Our client had been developing and manufacturing a wide range of products for the defence and aerospace industry for decades, and in some cases they were still manufacturing equipment that had been designed over 40 years ago. This meant they needed to retain Bills of Materials (BOM) data for many years, which became a problem when they had to migrate to a new ERP system.

“Climber’s developer gave us the reporting in a format that is simple to use: it’s easy to do searches and export the data to Excel. lt’s exactly what we wanted.
Engineering Services Manager

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Our flexible Qlik and Power BI training supports facilities management reporting

As a company grows and technology moves on, companies can find that they need to adapt their approach to data management and reporting. This was the case for a large company within the facilities management industry. Read how Climber BI has helped the team to get the most from their BI solutions by providing flexible user training in Qlik and Power BI.

“The trainer came to us and showed how to write scripts and work in the front end of Qlik. I was really impressed; she was professional, kept at the right pace, and got the content over in an engaging way. That training really moved us along in a huge way.”
Business Information Manager

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Helping Fitch Ratings to improve their BI through our partnership approach

As you would expect from a company that deals in research, there were many departments within Fitch Ratings that wanted to make the most of their data. As an extension of Fitch’s BI team we developed various dashboards in Qlik Sense, improved their reporting, and helped them to use it to drive decision-making.

“Climber has proven to be a reliable partner to effectively support our goal of providing best in class strategic solutions across our organisation. We have been able to satisfy our resourcing needs through Climber thanks to their pool of talented consultants, who are well embedded within the team and constantly able to maintain our high level of standards.”
Louise Warner, Managing Director SBI

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Empowering Self-Service BI for Scope Eyecare with Qlik Cloud

Scope Eyecare is a multi-national company with a great deal of sales data originating from different channels. Climber BI transformed Scope’s BI and reporting capabilities; with Qlik Cloud, transforming how Scope manages and reports on their data, helping to eradicate confusion and give more control.

“All of our sales reporting was falling on the shoulders of two people, which was a risk, and the bigger the company got, the more data we had to manage. Qlik Cloud was the perfect solution for us because we could see that it would give us flexibility and enable us to load different types of data.”
Patrick Nea, Head of Information Systems

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Qlik Sense Dashboards enabled faster fast-based decisions at ASICS

Using intelligent sports technology, ASICS produces and supplies high-quality footwear, sportswear and accessories for an active lifestyle. As a multinational – originally from Japan – ASICS Europe works with a large number of data streams. We’ve helped ASICS to efficiently structure all this valuable data by optimising clear Qlik Sense dashboards. Thanks to this solution, employees don’t have to waste hours finding the data they are looking for.

“Qlik Sense has empowered our organization into making data driven decisions. By implementing with the Climber team actionable insights fit for each department, we have succeeded in developing the level data literacy while gaining efficiency.
Elodie Riboust, Manager Reporting & Analytics

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Climber BI Improving data reporting for Babcock and the British army

In January 2015 Babcock won a 10-year contract with the British Army to maintain its vehicles and manage the supply chain of materials, including setting up a Hub that would provide central data analytics capability. Climber created a reporting solution combining Qlik, Microsoft and SAP that helps Babcock to manage its business effectively, and successfully meet the contractual KPIs it has with the Army.

The team managed a pool of BI resources that have been used to deliver analysis and detailed BI requirements, dashboards and reports. All of the team are competent individuals, focused and results driven.
Adrian Palmer, SAP Program Manager

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AMS modernised its analytics by moving from QlikView to Qlik Sense

Advanced Medical Solutions modernised its analytics by moving from QlikView to Qlik Sense. Climber BI built a Qlik Sense app that is now a business critical reporting tool and the single source of all its sales, budget and forecast data.

“The Qlik Sense Sales App has become a business critical reporting tool as the single source of all our sales, budget and forecast data. The ability to combine complex datasets, but present the data through a simple user interface, is very popular with our users and has driven the adoption across the AMS group.”
Simon Coates, IT Director

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