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Our bespoke solutions will help you solve your critical business problems

With the right data strategy and business intelligence solutions you can embed a data-driven culture and achieve better outcomes.

Across the Climber group, we develop over 500 data and BI solutions a year and can advise which products will help you to make better, more informed, decisions that drive your business forward.

Our data and analytics services will help guide your data strategy, while our solutions, with built-in flexibility will evolve as your needs change. No business is the same, so our solutions are also unique. You choose whether you need us to host or manage your solution, and deploy it on-premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment. We’ll ensure your solution adapts to the dynamic needs of your business, empowering you to effectively respond to changes with ease.

Experience you can trust

As a European Qlik Elite Partner, you can trust that there’s nothing we don’t know about this leading data platform. While our Microsoft Power platform and Azure data services experts can advise you on how to improve your business operations. Whatever route you choose, we have over 100 consultants across five countries who can help.

Our long term, collaborative approach ensures we forge lasting relationships with our clients – 92% stay with us for the long term.

Following a discovery phase, where we learn more about your current processes, challenges and aspirations, we will develop your solution based on a solid understanding of your business. We’ll always work proactively and in close collaboration with you throughout.

Data-Driven Culture

Data integration to bring multiple sources together

When your business is growing rapidly and your key data is spread across multiple disparate sources and locations, a data integration solution is critical. We can help you approach it strategically, so you reap the benefits and avoid the pitfalls. There are multiple options for data integration including Qlik’s Data Integration platform, Talend, TimeXtender, and Microsoft. Each can help you bring your data together seamlessly. You’ll need a data lake, data warehouse or data fabric to give you a central repository to access your data. We can advise on what solution is best for your needs and work in partnership to deliver it for you.

Delivering a Data Warehouse/Data Lake using real-time data movement

To turn your raw data into actionable insights quickly, you need to be able to capture and deliver it in real-time.  Our solutions will assist managed and automated creation of a data warehouse or data lake, capable of ingesting a continuous steam of data. This will enable your stakeholders to base  their decisions on the most current information available.

Our experts can advise on the best data storage platforms and the technologies required.


Strategic business intelligence to deliver the insights you need

Engaging BI dashboards and reports give your stakeholders easy access to the advanced analytics and actionable insights they need. Your BI solution will depend on how many stakeholders need access, their level of data literacy and the data governance protocols you want to put in place. We will build the solution that is right for your business, stakeholders and infrastructure.


Using data to improve your business processes

Every organisation has processes that have stayed the same way for years. Now, automation is capable of taking on more of your manual tasks; freeing up valuable time and saving money.

Microsoft Power Apps can help you take lengthy, manual processes and create an automated flow that is simpler, quicker and more cost-effective. We have developed many Power App solutions that have enabled clients to boost productivity by helping their employees to focus on the tasks that matter.


Our Partners can take your organisation further

We partner with technology providers who can accelerate your data strategy and generate more value. These include:

  • Qlik Talend: We’re a European Qlik Elite partner and founded our business on this leading BI solution. As well helping you move from QlikView to Qlik Sense, we can support you with Qlik Sense Cloud, Qlik Data Integration and Talend.
  • Vizlib: Providing the most powerful visual analytics extensions for Qlik Sense to transform your data and elevate your BI. We’re their largest European partner.
  • Mail & Deploy: Create and distribute high-impact reports from Qlik.
  • Inphinity: A flexible suite of Qlik products to improve your processes with data
  • Snowflake: As a Snowflake Cloud provider we can bring you a single platform that eliminates data silos and simplifies architectures, so you can get more value from your data.
  • TimeXtender: We’re a TimeXtender partner, helping to bring the data integration capabilities you need in a single solution.
Qlik User Training


We can project manage the implementation of your new BI and data analytics solution or help you seamlessly transition from an existing one.
By using an agile methodology with short sprints, we can ensure we develop, test and amend the solution based on your feedback.
We have delivered data and business intelligence programs for companies of all shapes and sizes. We know how to keep projects on track, communicate successfully, and ensure that your employees get the most from your data and BI solutions. By letting us handle your projects for you we can inform your data strategy, improve collaboration, and lead business intelligence training to increase levels of data literacy across your business.


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