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Migrating to Qlik Cloud

As more organisations are taking a cloud-first approach to their technology, it’s now time to migrate your Business Intelligence environments to Qlik Cloud, providing your business with a scalable best-in-class analytics experience.

With Qlik Sense Cloud you create, reload, and consume your Qlik apps entirely on Qlik’s hosted cloud platform. It can be deployed independently or as part of a multi-cloud deployment available via a single subscription licensing model. The platform is scalable, easy to access, and provides you with the latest features released by Qlik monthly, meaning no more software upgrades or downtime for your IT departments.


Get started

Climber BI Cloud Migration

Migrate your client managed Qlik environment today and start benefiting from the extended toolset on Qlik Cloud including:

  • Qlik Sense
  • AutoML
  • Insight Advisor
  • Qlik Cloud Data Integration
  • Application Automation

In this on-demand webinar, you will learn how to successfully plan your migration to Qlik Cloud:

  • Exclusive features of the Qlik Cloud platform
  • Assessing your current environment
  • Choosing the right cloud region
  • Large app considerations
  • Static reporting options
  • Managing secure data connections
  • Data storage locations
  • Security and governance considerations
  • Third-party extensions

Get your migration guide

Download our Qlik Cloud Migration Guide to adopt Qlik Cloud at your own pace. Here we explain how to get your migration right to reap the benefits while avoiding common pitfalls, whilst considering, security and access, static reporting, large apps, data storage, and third-party extensions.

Download your Qlik Cloud Migration Guide today!

Ready to migrate to Qlik Cloud?

Let us help you with your Cloud BI strategy! We can guide you to the right approach on how to deploy Qlik Cloud for your business to work in harmony with your other technology solutions. Get in touch and we can work through your options!

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