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Inphinity Suite – Expand what is possible in Qlik

Inphinity Suite brings together three Qlik-native technologies – Process Intelligence, Workflow & Actions, and Data Intelligence – to transform your Qlik analytics platform.

The flexible extensions add an extra layer of data analytics capability to your Qlik environment to help you transform your mission critical processes. Inphinity is enterprise ready, scalable, robust, and secure – and compatible with Qlik Cloud.

What does Inphinity include?

Inphinity Forms

Enhance your Qlik Sense environment with a natively integrated writeback extension for workflows and actions. With Inphinity Forms your users can efficiently collaborate and act upon data, with no need for spreadsheets. Just install the add-on and choose from dozens of ready-made models and templates.

Inphinity Flow

Say goodbye to siloed data analysis and visualise, explore, and understand all your processes in Qlik Sense with Inphinity Flow. Empower employees by enabling them to connect the data with activities and take actions where the data is, so they understand the real impact of their data-driven decisions.

Inphinity Mole

Make your unstructured data ready for analysis quickly. Inphinity Mole is the only Qlik-native, secure, and enterprise ready connector that extracts data from different files and turns it into a structured form ready for analysis. Seamlessly integrating into your Qlik environment – simple, fast, and secure to use.

Mission critical processes transformed with data

Mission - critical processes: transformed with data.

With Inphinity Suite you can transform your mission critical processes, act fast, and unleash greater value with data capture, file analysis, and flow analysis.

Inphinity can support your teams with:

  • Budgeting and planning
  • Process flow analysis and redesign
  • Document approval
  • HR team management
  • Support ticket processes
  • Manufacturing traceability

Qlik Analytics Timesheet Invoicing Demo

In this quick 5-minute demo video, Roger Gray, Senior Business Intelligence Consultant at Climber BI, goes through one of his latest app builds: Showcasing a Qlik Analytics Timesheet Invoicing Process. Learn how to consume timesheet data from Harvest, review and approve in an Inphinity Form, before releasing to Xero to raise sales invoices and notification through Teams.

If you need help with analytic app builds, get in touch with Roger today.

Quickly implemented and seamlessly integrated

Inphinity is secure and governed both on-prem and in the cloud and has unique enterprise ready capabilities. It is quick and easy to implement and integrates seamlessly with Qlik Sense.

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