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Drive value with simplified, modern data management from Talend

Talend is a modular, self-service, end-to-end management platform that connects data from any source to any destination. Talend became part of Qlik in 2023 and we are pleased to be a Gold Value Added Reseller. We can help you work successfully with Talend, whether you deploy it on-premises or in the cloud and can recommend the best license approach for your business.


What is Talend?

Talend Data Fabric combines solutions for Data Integration, Data Governance & API Integration. Data from multiple, disparate data systems, such as ERP and CRM solutions, can be unified and deployed into a Data Warehouse or Data Lake using the Talend Data Fabric. The Talend Data Fabric has over 900 connectors to connect cloud and on-premise data sources, which can be merged into a single location in a data warehouse or data lake structure.  

Talend helps ensure that your data is accessible and healthy, so that it can inform decisions across your organisation. It makes it simple to collect data from all types of systems applications and files, and uses machine learning to help categorise, profile data, and identify patterns. It can then provide a Talend Trust Score to give you a full picture of your data’s health, to give you complete confidence.

What is included?

Talend is a scalable and extensible, cloud-independent solution that supports on-premises, multi cloud, and hybrid cloud deployments.

  • Talend Data Fabric: Combines data integration, integrity, and governance in a single, unified platform 
  • Talend Trust Score: Provides an assessment of your data’s health — its quality, relevance, and popularity


Talend Data Fabric Trust score

Discover, transform, govern, and share data with Talend

The rapidly increasing volume of data is making it harder for businesses to manage and use effectively. Talend is a simple, unified platform that supports your entire data lifecycle and all users.

Data integration

Move data from any source to any destination at any speed or frequency:

  • Batch and real-time data processing from all systems and targets on a single platform
  • Low-code/no-code solutions with simple drag-and-drop functionality
  • Thousands of out-of-the-box SaaS and on-premises connectors including SFDC, Tableau, and Snowflake

Data quality and governance

Establish data trust by ensuring data quality, accuracy, and compliance:

  • Fine-grained data sharing control, data sensitivity labels, tracking, lineage, data masking, and more 
  • Talend Trust Score™, embedded data quality indicators, and dynamic profiling charts 
  • Self-service SaaS applications to monitor and track data org-wide 

Application and API integration 

Sync and share data with consumers across the organisation seamlessly at scale:

  • Continuous syncing between applications through event-driven architectures 
  • API services to design secure and user-friendly APIs 
  • Out-of-the-box orchestration and automation 

Typical Use-cases

Database to Database Synchronisation 

  • Real-time data delivery for reporting and analysis
  • Legacy Modernisation: replicating data from traditional mainframe systems to more cost effective data stores to reduce costs and improve operational reporting

Data Warehouse Modernisation / Data Lake Automation 

  • Automated solution for the creation of Data Warehouse / Data Lake solutions by automatically generating the native SQL statements required to create and populate a Data Warehouse / Data Lake for purposes of reporting

Operational Data Transformation 

  • Data is transformed according to agreed business logic as part of a data pipeline for downstream purposes such as reporting, analytics, or data science projects


Get your data where you need it, in just a few clicks

Data Integration / Pipeline Designer

Built for modern data engineering

Data Quality

Bring trust into your data-centric processes

Data Inventory

Capture data intelligence at first sight

Data Preparation

Involve business teams to focus on analytics & insights

Data Stewardship

Enable your entire organisation to ensure trusted data

Data Catalog

Create a single source of trusted data

API & Application Integration

Industrialize API implementation at scale

Change Data Capture

Real-time data replication


Qlik Data Integration and Talend Data Fabric

Qlik Data Integration and Talend Data Fabric provide a best-in-class enterprise solution to address all your data integration needs. This combines with the industry leading Qlik Analytics solution to provide customers with a full end to end solution from near real-time data replication to data warehouse / data lake automation to data analytics.

Climber Qlik Talend Data Solutions

Deploy Talend in your business with a partner you can trust

Talend has simple, easy-to-understand pricing models and can be tailored to meet your business objectives. If you have any needs for a Data Integration project, talk to us today to arrange a demo or discuss licensing options.

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