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How we helped a not-for-profit mental health and wellbeing organisation

Read how Climber helped the organisation provide better reporting to their customers.


Our client provides mental health services and they wanted to provide their customers with regular updates on their usage. This would help to demonstrate the value of their services and the better health outcomes they contributed to.

The organisation was relying on a manual process to send reports to their customers. They would firstly wait for a customer to request a report, then pull the data from a third-party tool and copy and paste it into their own Word template. This was time consuming and very reactive.

The client wanted to proactively send reports to their customers to keep their services front of mind and strengthen relationships with them. However, they were struggling to find a solution that would enable them to share dashboards and PDF reports by email, without having to purchase individual customer licenses.



The organisation challenged Climber to find a solution that would enable PDF reporting, but keep licence costs to a minimum, while also introducing a level of automation to minimise manual intervention. They also wanted to create reports for internal use that would provide better understanding of the customer service usage across the organisation.

We recommended Qlik Sense and Qlik Enterprise Reporting, because, as a cloud-based solution, the reporting element does not require individual customer licences. Our BI developer worked with the organisation to cleanse their source data and build their reports in Qlik. These reports provided the insights they required, both for their customers and their internal teams.

During the project we uncovered complexities in the source data, so we recommended setting up an API to the client’s Salesforce system to help improve data quality.

“To get the enterprise level of reporting, you do need a developer, and Climber helped us to set the rules and tasks for sending out the email reports. They also helped us join the dots between the customer usage data and the data we had internally, by joining our systems with our third-party provider systems. This proved to be quite complicated in the end, but it was the right solution.



The client has now sent their first mass mailing to customers and is continuing to test and learn.

“From the customer point of view, they will be able to understand how their teams have used our services. It gives them better insight and regular content from us, and it gives us an opportunity to touch base with them to tell them about the webinars we are running, for example.”

On the internal reporting side, they are encouraging more teams to use Qlik and undertake training so they can better understand how they can improve their use of data and reporting within their own teams. This will help to spark ideas and inform decision-making across the organisation.

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Alex Booth

Business Development Manager
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James Sharp

Managing Director
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Published 2023-01-11

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