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Support services for a sustainable BI solution

As with any technology, there may be times when your BI solution doesn’t work as intended. When problems arise, such as with logins, missing updates or slow running speeds, we are there to help. Our support team, called Climber Expert Services, will help you with infrastructure issues, management and the support of your BI. The team functions as a single-point-of-contact for all BI-related issues and we have SLAs for high, medium and low priority. Our aim is to detect and act on any disruptions before they become a problem for your users. In addition to support and troubleshooting when applications do not work as they should, we offer proactive and preventative management of the operating environment, monitoring, license management and further development of your BI solution.

Opening hours and contact

Support is open from 8am to 5pm on weekdays, but is available 24/7 when required. For urgent matters we also offer on-site support. Contact us by email, phone or register the matter in our support portal. *All cases are handled on the basis of the applicable SLA (Service Level Agreement).

Telephone: +44 203 858 0668


Support Portal: Service Desk




We offer three different management and support agreements to complement Qlik’s AUS (Annual Upgrade & Support). These can always be tailored to your specific needs. Our agreements include:

  • SLAs for high, medium and low priority
  • Initial troubleshooting
  • Additional troubleshooting
  • Monthly management meetings
  • Review of the BI environment


When you are away or cannot be on-site, we offer temporary support combined with monitoring of the Qlik environment. We’ll log in every morning to ensure that everything is as it should be and send you a daily status report.


Qlik MQS is a seamless cloud service that is technologically independent. Our Climber Expert Services team host and manage your set-up and your integrations and will continually support and monitor your BI environment.


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Roger Gray

Senior BI Consultant
+44 203 858 0668

Johan Levander

Climber Expert Services
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