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What’s New in Qlik Cloud

– June 2024 Updates –


Welcome to the next edition of the ‘What’s New in Qlik Cloud’ blog for June 2024. In the beginning of this month, we were away at Qlik Connect in Orlando hearing all about AI – this year’s hot topic. Read all about the event in Alex Booth’s event roundup report, written with the help of AI tools in the voice of the classic film Anchorman. Now let’s get down to our latest Qlik Data Analytics and Qlik Data Integration updates!

Authors: Roger Gray, BI Manager, & Tom Cotterill, BI Consultant, at Climber.

Data Analytics

This month’s updates span across automation, visualisation, data preparation, and administration, ensuring you have the tools you need to maximise efficiency and insight.

1. Cyclic Dimensions

Cyclic master dimensions offer a flexible way to select and switch dimensions across your application. This non-hierarchical dimension type allows you to save screen space and provide multifaceted analyses by toggling dimensions through a button or axis label. Naming levels within cyclic and drill-down groups is now possible, enhancing the clarity and functionality of your visualisations.

2. Images in Tables

Enhance your visualisations, with the ability to embed images in the new straight table and pivot table, in the visualisation bundle. Images can be sourced from the media library or directly from a URL, adding a new layer of richness to your data presentations.

3. Links to Sheets in Catalog

Create links to specific sheets as assets in the Catalog, promoting them to public collections and custom home pages. This feature helps your analytic consumers find relevant content faster and enhances the overall user experience.

4. Connection Sharing for Automations

Automations are no longer closed to the owner. It is now possible to create and manage automation connections in shared spaces, enabling other users in your tenant to leverage these connections in their automations. This new feature simplifies collaboration and ensures consistency in your automation workflows.

5. Improved Usability of the Data Load Editor

The Data Load editor now mirrors the functionality of the Script editor, featuring a data preview option, visual wizards for Store statements, and QVS file inclusion. Enjoy enhanced usability with resizable panels and the ability to preview QVS file content, making data preparation more intuitive and efficient.

6. Support for Accessing ServiceNow via Direct Access Gateway

Direct Access gateway 1.6.6 introduces several new features and enhancements, including support for ServiceNow, new authentication methods for various connectors, and improved metadata paging for ODBC connectors. Additionally, .NET 8.x is now required, ensuring compatibility and improved supportability.

7. Configure a Microsoft 365 Email Provider Using OAuth2

The issue of needing basic email authentication is resolved for Qlik Cloud email notifications and report delivery by configuring an OAuth 2.0 connection to a Microsoft 365 email provider. This integration ensures secure and efficient communication within your Qlik Cloud environment.


Data Integration

This month we see improvements in metadata capture, monitoring, and a newly supported region.

Please note that the following enhancements for Qlik Cloud Data Integration require the Qlik Data Gateway – Data Movement version 2023.11.11 or later.

1. Parallel Metadata Retrieval

Good meta data management is important to help you find data and ensure trust in the data is high, it also aids in every phase of your data lifecycle. Qlik Cloud Data Integration now has added support for concurrently retrieving the metadata for multiple tables.

2. Improved Monitoring Performance

The frequency of monitoring information for landing and replication tasks has increased. Monitoring will now be updated every 10 seconds, instead of every 60 seconds, providing a more precise indication of their status.

3. Newly Supported Region

Japan is now supported as a Qlik Cloud tenant region.

4. Resolved Issues

Finally, there are some resolved issues worth mentioning:

  • The retry interval between the data gateway and Qlik Cloud would continually increase, but never be reset unless the service was restarted.
  • When moving data from a SaaS application source, tables would sometimes enter an error state during reload.
  • Tasks with a MySQL source would sometimes fail with the following error during CDC:
    Read next binary log event failed; mariadb_rpl_fetch error 0 Error reading binary log.
  • Previously, CDC audit events would only be logged for landing tasks. Now, they will be logged for replication tasks ask well.
  • When moving data from SQL Server (MS-CDC), tasks with numerous tables would sometimes take several hours to start.
  • When the source table contained CLOB columns and the “Limit LOB size” value exceeded 10240, replication to Snowflake would fail with the following error:
    Invalid character length: 0
  • Using the ServiceNow connector, via Direct Access gateway, customers can now securely access firewalled ServiceNow data sources over a strictly outbound, encrypted, and mutually authenticated connection.


Qlik’s recent updates and features demonstrate their commitment to improving data management and analysis capabilities. Whether you are focused on data integration, error handling, or analytics, these enhancements offer valuable tools and capabilities to help you make the most of your data. Stay tuned for further updates and innovations from Qlik as they continue to shape the data analytics and integration landscape.


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Published 2024-06-17

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