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What’s New in Qlik Cloud

– November 2023 Updates –

Welcome to the next in a series of monthly blogs from Roger Gray, Senior BI Consultant, and Mark James, Data Integration Consultant, of Climber that will provide an update on the latest and greatest in new features added to the Qlik Cloud Platform. In each blog we will outline exciting updates to Data Analytics and the Data Integration Services.

Data Analytics: Facilitating Qlik Cloud Migration and Automation Monitoring

In the ever-evolving world of data management and analytics, Qlik continues to lead the way with a series of recent updates and enhancements. These improvements touch on various aspects of the Qlik ecosystem, from data migration and visualisation to automation and management.

1. New Filter Pane Settings
The filter pane in Qlik has received a handy update. You can now opt out of confirmation, particularly useful when working in grid mode. This change streamlines your user experience, making the filter pane more intuitive and efficient as a button bar.

2. Straight Table: Multi-Page Download to PDF
The new straight table extension in Qlik introduces a highly requested feature – the ability to download multi-page PDFs. You can now download up to 50 pages of your straight table, making it easier to work with and share your data visualisations.

3. Updated Natural Language Insights Object
The Natural Language Insights object has been revamped for improved functionality. It now offers native support for all Qlik Cloud features, multiple languages, accessibility requirements, and reporting/exporting. This enhancement simplifies the interpretation of visualisations, improving data literacy and driving better decision-making.

4. Updates to Migration Centre
Qlik Cloud migration tools have received an update, making it easier than ever to migrate your Qlik Sense Client-Managed apps to Qlik Cloud. An updated script can now import apps with Public, Community, and Personal contents for Sheets, Bookmarks, and Stories and automatically assign to owners.
For more information on planning a migration, visit Migrating to Qlik Cloud.

5. Monitoring Automations now available for admins
Tenant administrators now have enhanced monitoring capabilities. With advanced filtering options in the Management Console, admins can monitor automations across all users within their tenant. This feature provides a comprehensive overview of running automations, scheduled tasks, and failed automation runs, allowing for efficient management and troubleshooting.


Data Integration: Improvements in Endpoint Support and Talend Cloud Integration

Enhancements this month focus on changes to support for both data sources and data targets. With the acquisition of Talend, these updates enable users to bring their Talend and Qlik Cloud closer together. Here is a breakdown of the key highlight improvements over the last month.

1. Publishing Dataset and Field Level Lineage
In a similar fashion to Qlik Cloud Analytics, Qlik Cloud Catalog allows for Qlik Cloud Data Integration users to have oversight across the areas of Data Lineage and Impact Analysis. Users can now assess the impact of changes to any artefacts within a Data Integration project. This will allow users to highlight and proactively resolve any issues arising from changes to artefacts.

2. Enhanced Support for PostgreSQL-based Data Sources
Enhanced data type support for Multirange data types now include INT4MULTIRANGE, INT8MULTIRANGE, NUMMULTIRANGE, and TSMULTIRANGE. This enhancement opens out the support for a wider range of data types for customers wishing to use PostgreSQL as a data source.

3. New Support for Data Source and Target Versions
In a continuation to the point of supported and unsupported data sources and target, the following data source and target versions are now supported:

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2022
  • Oracle 21c
  • PostgreSQL 15.x
  • DB2 13.1 (when working with IDM DB2 for z/OS)
  • IBM DB2 for iSeries 7.5

The following data target versions are now supported:

  • Databricks (Cloud Storage): Databricks 12.2 LTS and Databricks SQL Serverless

The ongoing changes to the supported data source and data target versions ensure that Qlik can continue to support customers with their needs around their required data sources and targets.

4. Enabling a link to Talend Cloud from Qlik Cloud
Customers who have an existing Talend Cloud tenant can now enable Talend Cloud as an item from the launcher menu in Qlik Cloud, enabling users to navigate with ease between the two products. Further information on this can be found on the Qlik help site. This will allow users of both Talend and Qlik Cloud to navigate between the two products with ease.

5. New Regions Support
Data Sovereignty can be an issue to customers who are based in certain regions. Qlik Cloud Data Integration now supports tenants in Germany and the UK regions. This will make the adoption of the Qlik Cloud Data Integration platform easier for users in these countries who wish to use both the Qlik Cloud Analytics and the Integration platforms.

6. End of Support Data Source and Target Versions
To ensure Qlik remains supporting the most current and up-to-date data source targets and version, the following source versions have been discontinued:

  • PostgreSQL 10
  • MySQL 5.6
  • MariaDB 10.3

Similarly, support for the following data target versions have been discontinued:

  • Databricks 9.1 LTS

A complete listing of all relational database sources and versions, which Qlik Cloud Data Integration supports can be found here.



In conclusion, Qlik’s recent updates and features demonstrate their commitment to improving data management and analysis capabilities. Whether you are focused on data integration, error handling, or analytics, these enhancements offer valuable tools and capabilities to help you make the most of your data. Stay tuned for further updates and innovations from Qlik as they continue to shape the data analytics and integration landscape.


Published 2023-11-22

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